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    Let's Break the Ice

    Meet myIcyCup; the easiest way to make, store and enjoy ice cubes!  

    Remove The Hassle:

    Traditional ice cube trays require much effort to make ice. Water flies everywhere when filing the tray, and removing the ice cubes requires a lot of force and stress on our fingers. 

    Let's Break it Down:

    Step 1:

    Pour water into the outer chamber of my icyCup and insert the sleeve.


    Step 2:

    Place myIcyCup in the freezer until frozen, then remove the outer chamber.


    Step 3:

    Squeeze myIcyCup to release the newly formed ice cubes!

    Storable and Portable!

    Save space by having up to 120 Ice Cubes stored in just under 6" of storage! 


    Bring it On-the-Go!

    The food grade silicone material allows myIcyCup to stay frozen even when removed from the fridge. With it's lightweight and portable design, myIcyCup is the perfect accessory for BBQ's, Picnics and days at the office!


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 19 reviews
      TikTok made me buy it lol

      Easy to use and super satisfying to pop the ice. Added bonus of ice storage in the inner cup, really helps free up space in the fridge!

      Jared West

      i did not receive my item and the seller refused to give me my money back, he kept saying that it is at the post office and I need to sign for it (I asked, it is not). So I had Aliexpress to step in and they gave me full refund.


      I love this ice cube mold! Although it is super small, I knew it was small when I placed the order. Only thing is when you fill it up to make ice it doesn’t stay unless you put the top on and put something on top of it in the freezer to keep the lid down. Otherwise you’ll have a mess and the whole mold will not be filled with water. Overall good product.

      Ashley Renee
      very easy and useful

      When it first arrived i wasn’t expecting it to be kinda big it’s easy to use as well once you fill it up put the lid back on and freeze it pull the plastic container out then squeeze to release all the ice. Only problem I had was filling it up it takes time and you have to go slow because the spaces are so tiny to fill with water
      Update: so once you release all the ice it’s only a half of a cup of ice what I do is pour that half into the clear container and refill the whole thing freeze it again and squeeze it and add the first bath of ice back into the blue container and that will give you a full cup of ice other then that I love it no problems there is times where you will accidentally pour water into the clear container I normally leave it it will freeze once it’s frozen I take a smal knife and crush it up into pieces and I add that to the blue container as will. Hope this was helpful!


      I gave it three stars because it serves it’s purpose but as soon as you fill it up the way you’re supposed to the little bucket starts rising, we managed to get the little bucket pushed down all the way and the lid on it still rises in the Freezer due to the fact that the water expands but it does make the ice I actually used it for an ice cream bowl that way my ice cream stays Frozen while I eat it so it works for that as well


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