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    Dishwashing Gloves

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    Clean Faster, and Easier!

    Gloviva makes your cleaning tasks easier by providing you the power of hundreds of flexible scrubbing bristles at the palm of your hands! Apply soap and watch the gloves easily build up a lather just like a sponge! The soft silicone bristles allow for gentle, yet effective scrubbing against dirt and oil. The flexible bristles help get into hard to reach spaces, such as tight corners and crevices. With both hands lathered with cleaning solution, you will be able to tackle large surfaces with ease and clean dishes much faster when compared to using a simple sponge. 

    Protect Your Skin!

    No one likes to touch wet and soggy food on dirty dishes! Gloviva protects your hands from filth and also protects your skin from harsh cleaning detergents. Prolonged cleaning leads to a longer exposure to water, causing skin to become wrinkly and irritated. Gloviva helps you avoid this by decreasing cleaning time and providing a barrier between your skin and watery/dish soap penetration! 

    Save Money!

    With Gloviva, you will not need to repurchase sponges and brushes again and again. Sponges become easily worn out and deformed after several uses. Gloviva on the other hand is tough, durable, and can be reused with ease! Simply add to the dishwasher, or boil under hot water to disinfect and have the Gloviva ready for more cleaning action! Also, unlike traditional sponges, simply adding water easily washes away dirty and grime without the effort of wringing and squeezing!

    Multiple Uses!

    Gloviva has many uses, both inside and outside the kitchen! Not only does it alleviate the chore of cleaning dishes, but it also can be used to help clean large surfaces such as sinks, countertops and stovetop oven ranges! The scrubbing bristles can also be used to quickly clean fruits, vegetables and other foods items! The insulated capability also allow for Gloviva to handle high temperature items. Outside the kitchen, Gloviva can also be used for lathering and cleaning vehicles. Have a pet? Gloviva can be used to remove excess hair/fur, and can be a great tool to scrub down and clean your furry friends!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Sonia Kilback

    Goods of good quality, with a long pile for washing, but there is a question with the size, the finger is very short, clearly not European long, and this does not reach up to the jump between the fingers (((so consider this point when ordering.

    Brian Jenkins

    Very cool gloves! comfortable, though the hands quickly sweat. I ordered them to wash the dishes. Until for her purpose I did not use. When I try-I'll add a review. And so I like everything. no defects. They came fast enough. I advise) Thank you to the seller!

    Elmo Ernser

    Excellent quality of performance, we will try to wash dishes.

    Jana Lowe

    Dishwashing Gloves

    Geovanni Reynolds

    They're all right! You still have to try them.


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